Social Widget Suite by INQ 1.2.3


Get Facebook video, photos, web and status posts live on your home screen.

The Social Widget Suite by INQ brings Facebook to life like never before on your device's homescreen.

At INQ, we're big Facebook users, and we wanted to really enhance the experience of Facebook on mobile. We missed a lot of the cool stuff our friends were posting on the newsfeed. We wished that at times we could just see the posts and walls our closest friends, and just get direct access to notifications and places so we could update on the world and check in even easier.

So we built a suite of live widgets that can take different types of content and display it straight on your handset's screen, plus bring the posts of your closest friends on Facebook, according to Facebook's Social Graph API.

"Homescreen Live" Widget
Going beyond text status updates, INQ's "Homescreen Live" widget lights up your Android Homescreen with the latest photos, videos, links and status updates from your Facebook Newsfeed so you can see what's happening at a glance.

To check out the latest news - just tap the News Feed button to refresh the widget.

It's a brilliant way to keep up with friends and pass the time. Just browse!

"People" Widget
Now you can finally keep track of your top Facebook friends easily on your handset with INQ's "People" widget - check out their latest update, browse their walls or tap on their profile picture to contact them directly. All driven by Facebook's Social Graph API which tells you who you interact with a lot on Facebook. Add/delete friends as you like.

Notifications and Places Widgets
Get direct access to your Facebook Notifications and Places - as well as your phone's Calendar - all from your Home screen, making it easier and faster to use Facebook on your mobile.

To get the most out of the INQ Social Live widgets, you'll also need to download and install INQ People and INQ Social Sync.
This is our Beta release.

Last Updated:2011-09-19 01:00:20
File size:0.79MB
OS:Android 2.2 and up

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